Monday, 24 October 2011

Chain Reaction : Life Size Chainsword Replica

Completed the Space Marine solo campaign? Racked up every achievement? Seen the breadth of your domain and wept (manly tears) having no more foes to conquer?

Well my friends, solace may be at hand; for those of you who have won big on the lottery, own an energy company or happen to have sold your copy of Aurelian Gold Edition on Ebay, one of these beauties lies within your grasp.

I spotted this on the BoLS Lounge and despite the eye watering price tag, thought it's sheer awesomeness merited a post.

It's apparently (subject to GW's final approval) being produced by a company called Triforce who already produce some outstanding looking 1:1 scale replicas of Gears of War hardware and was unveiled at NewYork Comic Con. According to the original post by Loken aka Alec Peters of Propworx, it'll be a very limited production run and cost around £400...yes I said £400!!!

So what if you have to sell a kidney or 'off' a rich relative, just imagine how this will look adorning the wall of your hobby crib. Just remember, unless you are a gene enhanced super human, wielding the brute may be problematic (and might loosen the stitches from your recent organ donation) it's about 4' long.

Pictures from Alec Peters original post on BoLS


The Angry Lurker said...

Good grief but it does look really good.

Bix said...

Aye it does indeed, maybe Santa will be feeling mighty generous this Crimbo. :o)

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