Saturday, 29 October 2011

Gaming Table Project : Another Brick in the Wall

You may have noticed in yesterdays Death Company post (if your eyes weren't riveted to the foreground by the sheer awesomeness of the painted miniatures) ;o) that there were now two blasted buildings crumbling in the background of the gaming table.

Yes that's right my friends, I've managed to dial my creative energy up to 'Warp Factor Sloth' and completed another piece of scenery, albeit another small building.

The same techniques were used as per the previous ruin, just replacing the GW Imperial & Liche Purple tile colour with GW Scaly & Jade Green for some variation.

Next up should be some Pegasus Hobbies buildings, although several of the sets I ordered have proved harder to get than I expected, with a recent notice that one is even out of stock at their factory!

My thanks to the guys at Model Hobbies for getting me what they could and especially Wonderland Models for excellent customer service and keeping me updated on the stock issue.


O'Shashar said...

Looking very nice, got some of those sections on the cheap months back and done nothing with them.

I like the green you used for the floor, is it a 1:1 of scaly & jade or just layers?

Bix said...

Many thanks O'Shashar and welcome.

Yeah, I'd had the set kicking round for an age, they do make very quick, good looking and simple 'filler' ruins.

The green is just layers (I'm terrible at mixing, never seem to be able to be consistent) base of scaly, wash with Badab Black to dirty it up a bit, dry brush of scaly and then dry brush with the jade.

O'Shashar said...

Thanks for the step by step I'll have to give it a go as jade green on its own looks a bit bright for me.

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