Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Craft of Death : Death Company Tester

Well it took a bit longer than I had planned, but here is the completed test miniature for my Death Company, known as the Evocati in my Blood Drinkers background.

I've tried to keep things fairly simple with the scheme, black, red and bone being the overriding colours; roughly sticking to the 5th edition Codex assertion that the 'Drinkers follow the scheme as laid down by the Blood Angels for their Death Company.

When finished, this should hopefully result in the cursed unit contrasting starkly with the bright reds of their more fortunate battle brothers.

I'm very happy with the miniature, despite my camera work again not doing the paint work justice, I can really see an improvement in my skill and technique (much of it through help and suggestions gleaned from other blogs) and I feel this is some of my best work yet.

Right, home for tea and medals.


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