Saturday, 23 June 2012

[mark: 00.19.00] : 6th Edition Advance Order

Surprising no one, up to and including my cat; GW have announced advanced orders for 6th Edition, releasing footage giving a snap shot inside the rule book. What they strangely fail to do is give a release date, although I'm assuming this will be the 30th June and may be covered in the latest issue of White Dwarf.

Initial thoughts are that the Gamers edition may be the best buy, with its satchel and lasgun power pack containing Munitorium dice and holders; I note that the satchel has three pouches so I'm guessing it's one for each power pack dice set, handy.

The Collector’s edition only offers a nice box and fancy paper, which bemuses me a little, what’s the point of a rule book that you're not going to want to take gaming with you?

Anyway set that cursor to hover over the pause button and gaze at the beast that’s going to bite a big hole in our wallets.


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