Friday, 11 May 2012

Gaming Table Project : Chapel of Sanctuary

As promised in my last postcard , here are some pictures of my old GW Chapel of Sanctuary; it's a great piece of 'ready to play' scenery that's sadly been long out of production; but I think is still fairly easy to pick up online.

I was giving it a thorough clean during the Forge refurb (damned Dust gets everywhere, better hope I don't get a visit from The Magisterium!) and decided there were a couple of things I wanted to alter, to give it a personal touch.

Now Hobby time being in severe short supply at present, I didn't really want to spend a whole lot of time painting what is a perfectly acceptable piece, so I limited myself to a few alterations.

Picking out details that had been lost during the 'production line' painting process, such as a couple of skulls and a little critter (I think it's a rat, but I painted it as a purple reptile) in the rubble. Also re-colouring a few bits, again to make them stand out; discarded grenades, scattered shell casings and some oddly coloured chocolate brown girders, now boltgun metal and tin bitz.

I repainted the original fallen black armoured Marine as a Blood Drinker from a 2nd Company Tactical Squad, to fit with my army (hope that doesn't jinx me); giving his power armour a lot of weathering and damage, which isn't my usual style but I felt having a Temple fall on your head might be enough to knock the parade gloss off. The discarded bolter was similarly painted to match my army colour scheme.

Finally I did try and sort out the warping of the plastic 'stain glass' windows; this is a production fault that I think is quite common on with this piece. Unfortunately the plastic is quite brittle and when I tried to cut it free from its bonding I tore a small section (thankfully it glued back without much obvious damage) so I gave up. I'll leave it that the heat of some plasma or melta weapon has caused the buckling of the Sanctuary's ancient glass.


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Looking for a piece like this for my next project. Interested in selling this?

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