Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sacred Ground : Forge Refurb Complete

A project I've been chipping (dusting and hoovering) away at for some time now; turning what was a general 'dog's body' of a room into a bona fide Man Cave.

In these times of austerity, with limited days off and just because I loathe decorating; I avoided wherever possible using anything I didn't already have. The majority of the refurb was achieved using stuff I had either buried at the back of cupboards or kicking around in the loft or garage.

I'm really happy with the result, I've had to make a few minor concessions to the Good Lady Wife, with regards storing some of her books and DVD's along with mine and as such I'm still negotiating with her over the fitting of a lockable blast door. Also there are a few areas/walls with room for additional Fanboy or Hobby based purchases.

Still, I now have a space that is 99.9% mine and is at this point the tidiest room in the house; I'd buy that for a Dollar!

Painter's Corner.

IKEA unit from the lounge of our prev flat, good sturdy storage and the gap where the
CRT TV used to sit makes a great 'cabin style' area for an old sofa. The reading lamp sits
on a unit I picked up at the tip whilst ditching the TV, chalk one up to recycling! 

IKEA Detolf display cabinets, my one big purchase but well worth the money
even if you do have to buy the lighting separately. Placed on the TV stand from the
other unit (minus casters) for a little extra height and handy storage.

Yes, they are a little empty, erm...oh look a Lightsaber!

Hello Ladies. Firefly Les Femmes by Megan Lara,
to brighten up the side of a reclaimed bookshelf.

The Cogitator.

The Forge stands ready (and relatively tidy).

And finally, some manly mood lighting.


Baur said...

Nice monitor!!!

The Angry Lurker said...

Now that a nice space but far too clean and tidy for a wargamer and painter!

Bix said...

@Baur, why yes, so it is thanks. :)

@Angry, lol cheers. If it makes you feel any better the rest of the house more than makes up for it at the moment. Still I'm certain that if I actually get to spend any time working at the Forge, usual grime and disorder will be restored.

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