Thursday, 29 March 2012

Postcards from the Edge

Postcards has become a somewhat irregular feature of late, a failing my family and friends could also apply to calls and visits from me; as they, like the hobby, are suffering sporadic bursts of attention due to the curse of 'interesting times' at work.

Still, despite being unable to get behind the painting table since the completion of Tactical Squad Gaurus I have scored a few victories in the battle for work/hobby balance.

The first one was tough, on my wallet that is; but once I got over the inevitable shoppers guilt and the purchases arrived I was once again singing the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy song. Total Wargamer have been running a series of discounts for GW items on top of their usual discount for about a month now and I took the opportunity of a bargain to bulk buy enough 40k stuff to keep me in projects probably until the 31st Millennium.

This included a Fortress of Redemption, a whole armoured column of Predators, Vindicators and Whirlwinds, a few more Dreadnoughts and (because I've always wanted one) a Baneblade! The Super Heavy should, once married up with the kit I purchased from Machinator's Ebay Store, provide an awesome centre piece to my Blood Drinker forces in the shape of a mighty Fellblade; just don't hold your breath for a completion date.

Speaking of Blood Drinkers, my incessant need to tinker saw me back editing and revising the Fandex background once again. This was spurred on in part by a chance discovery hidden amongst the brilliant RPG tomes produced by Fantasy Flight Games.

In the Rites of Battle supplement for the Deathwatch series, there is a page, yes a whole page (p.64 for those that want it) devoted to the creation of a Blood Drinker character. Much of the information was specific to the Jericho Reach setting, but I believe FF material is considered cannon and it's the most I've seen written on the Drinkers in one place before...well aside from this blog.

I've given them a slightly darker edge that, once included, was so obviously lacking before and I've removed the Griffon riders as they just weren't working out. They will return at a later date, perhaps in another guise as a side project relating to allies.

Finally I've been ploughing through Heresy novels in an attempt to clear the decks for the much lauded Know No Fear by Dan Abnett, whilst dodging the minefield of accidental spoilers by those lucky buggers who are up to date and have found time to read it (Lalala...I'm not listening!). So expect a few more Books in Brief posts over the coming days.

Thanks, that is all.


The Angry Lurker said...

Good to hear you're about and relatively active my friend....

Bix said...

Thanks mate, active in mind if not in body, I really should be dusting off my running shoes. Enjoy your R&R. :)

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