Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Eagle Has Landed : Space Marine Stormeagle

Don't fly like a barnyard Stormraven when you can soar like a Stormeagle! This news appears to be just breaking (I picked it up from Big Jim's Galaxy in Flames) and the page over at Forgeworld isn't yet complete; but I just had to post the picture because this baby just rocks.

Now I'd made my peace with the Stormraven, I'd written a post on my thoughts, justifying it's look, hell I'd even grown fond of the ugly spud; but this!

Curse you Forgeworld and your unending talent, I'll be over in the corner with all the other players of the BA codex muttering 'it should have been ours.'


Baur said...

Neat blog following!!! I'm just starting to get into warhammer 40k and holy crap is it expensive loL!

Bix said...

Thanks for that Baur, welcome to The Veil's Edge and the best damn hobby in the Verse :)

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future there are only empty wallets!

If you'll take a small piece of advice from a 'Long Fang' who’s been dolling out dosh on 40k since opening a Lloyds Young Saver Account several Aeons ago.

Research & Planning are key to maximising your hobby funds. Have an army or a painting project sketched out before you start buying units, it's all too easy to buy stuff 'cos it looks shiny and before you know it you're throwing out your bed to make room for unopened model boxes. (been there done that, futons aren't comfy).

Also the Blogosphere and Forums are a boon, full of cost saving advice and techniques. The hobby has been transformed for me since I took it online...and now my wife only gets to see me once a month lol!

All the best


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