Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Blood Drinker Tactical Squad Gaurus

So here's that Tactical Squad I was so pleased about completing; pleased because at my current rate I should have a fully painted army in time for 40k's 50th anniversary!

Again they are from the 4th Company 'Cruentus' (The Bloodthirsty), I plan now to have a Strike Force predominately made up from Squads of the 2nd and 4th Companies. I'm working on a Painting Chart using a template designed and kindly shared by Admiral Drax, which should hopefully guide and perhaps even speed my endeavour, I'll post it up as soon as it's ready.

I've left an intentional gap on the banner of Sgt Gaurus as I
plan to do a sheet of squad name decals (yeah I know it's cheating).
The back banner has been magnetised for storage and transport.

The squad is a mix of some old miniatures brought up to spec and some totally new additions, they haven't seen action on the table top yet and being Blood Angel 'we put they A in assault!' Successors, they're not likely to get out much either. But I'm a completist and hopefully will find some scenarios to test their mettle.

Yes that is an old metal biker torso on Melta duties, I've got a whole
bunch of them and with the price of Melta Guns
these days, they'll all be on Shanks's Pony.
On a final note you may have spotted a change to the colour on the border of my bases compared to my previous squads (I'll wait while you go check); yep that's right, out with the Goblin Green in with the Bestial Brown.

Spending many an hour online drooling over some fine painted Blood Angel and Successor armies, one of the reasons I never get much of my own painting done, but hey there are worse things to do online right? I realised that many had brown borders and that this simple change in colour complimented the basing and really helped the miniature to stand out. 

So apart from this squad I have been mostly painting brown on bases for the past few weeks and my Wet Palette now looks like it was visited by the Golgothan.


Anonymous said...

Green Base rings are sooooooo 1990's! ;)


Bix said...

Ah the 90's when days were longer and so was my hair.

With carefree hours spent chasing girls, drinking beer and gaming; although I think we were mostly gaming and drinking beer to drown our sorrows over girls we didn't quite catch. ;o)

Still good times mate, who knows, next I'll be giving up flock and using weathering powders! Lol.

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