Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Reprogrammed : Matt Ward talks revised Necron Background

As I sit and wait for my latest and again delayed copy of White Dwarf to drop through the letter box, contemplating whether it still merits subscription. GW have offered up another slice of video, this time featuring Matt Ward talking about his revised background of the Necrons and giving a taster of the play style of the units in the new codex. I found it quite interesting, but not being a Necron player of old, I'm unsure whether Mr Ward has done a Lucas style re-edit and left you all screaming Noooo at the brutalisation of a much cherished back story.


Von said...

Ward... could sound more boring, but he'd really have to try. I feel strangely disappointed, and I don't feel that I've gained much insight into *why* things are the way they are either. After the quality of the Dark Eldar videos, this is something of a letdown...

Bix said...

"Ward... could sound more boring, but he'd really have to try."

Lol, can't argue with you there Von, but as a long term & vocal opponent of his background writing style I tried to be impartial on this one.

Let's be fair, he probably didn't sign on to host his own prime time show.;)

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