Monday, 7 November 2011

Drop Site Massacre : Death Company Drop Pod

Taking far longer than it had any right to and damaging my calm along the way, I present the first of my (almost) completed Drop Pods.

Don't get me wrong, the GW Drop Pod model is as simple, practical and sturdy a design as the machine it represents; it's a doddle to put together, I managed four in quick succession and to convert (more of that in a bit) but Throne is it dull to paint!

I don't think it helps that I am not the biggest fan of painting vehicles, the larger size and expanse of flat surfaces show up all my failings as a miniature painter; things I can usually get away with using various tricks on a more forgiving smaller scale.

Yes before you say it, I still use brushes and not airbrush, that may be the root of my problem but I'm thin of hair and long of tooth; some new skills whilst tempting are just far too much hassle for me to both shell out for and learn.

The model itself was converted so that the Pod can act in both a Troop and Dreadnought transport role, using a great tutorial by Lantz from his old blog The Magnet Pro, you can now find it here at Twin Linked Awesome.

I base coated using GW Black spray but from here on in things did not run smoothly; the repetition involved with the Drop Pods five sides sapped my will to paint and saw me make some errors of schoolboy proportions. Too thick a paint on some sections leaving brush marks, not using a lighter base coat on the sections intended to be painted red *grrr* the list goes on.

Still, despite my belly aching over the project, the completed model is passable as a gaming piece; I'm most happy with the freehand DC crosses and the targeting read out on the central seat pillar, which was inspired by one I saw on the net though the source now escapes me.

I think I've learned a few lessons which should hopefully make for a smoother/quicker painting experience for the rest of the Pods (after a break); all that remains with this one is the fitting of the magnetised weapons, but the Storm Bolter is awaiting some minor green stuff repair following some sloppy pin drilling of the barrels...and my Mum wonders why I never became a surgeon!


The Angry Lurker said...

I remember mine being a bastard to paint and make as well.

Warpaintguy said...

mine took for ever to paint. It seems such an easy model nut I don't look forward to paint any more.

Still have to put the finishing touches on mine...grrrr

I like the colors you used, proper death company look.


General Oadius said...

nice looking Drop Pod.

Bix said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys, looks like the love/hate for Drop Pod modelling/painting is shared and I'll be sure to space out the production of the rest to guard my sanity.

Next up I think a character model as a motivational treat is in order. :)

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