Friday, 18 November 2011

Forge World New Releases : Phoenix Lord & Titan Power Glaive

Having once more defeated my erstwhile allies the Eldar (sorry Will, had to mention it), this time with a Blood Drinker Mech list, in a very close 2000 point game last Tuesday night; I thought I would attempt to liven their Spirit Stones with the contents of the latest news letter from Forge World.

Set for release on the 28th of November and now up for pre-order are Irillyth, Phoenix Lord of the Shadow Spectres and the Phantom Titan Power Glaive.

Quoted from the site: "Once a disciple of Asurmen, first of the Eldar Phoenix Lords, Irillyth the Shade of Twilight founded the Shrine of the Shadow Spectres on the Craftworld of Mymeara. Drawn to the small Craftworld in response to a vision of doom and horror, Irillyth gifted the skills of stealth, swiftness and all-consuming firepower to the warriors of Mymeara. After many years, the Phoenix Lord led a great war host to the legend-shrouded world of Bethalmae to destroy a race that would, many thousands of years later, arise to threaten Craftworld Mymeara. Neither he nor any of his warhost ever returned to the Craftworld, and with the loss of their Phoenix Lord the Shadow Spectre aspect fell into decline."

The miniature will retail at £14, will feature in the upcoming IA 11'The Doom of Mymeara' and the experimental rules are available here.

The Power Glaive can apparently be fixed to either arm of the Titan and looks the Grynx's danglies! It will retail at £45, yeah ouch! But here are some repost pictures I took of the Glaive back at UK Games Day earlier this year to further tease those of you of a pointy eared Xenos persuasion.

Hopefully I'll not be meeting the Glaive and it's Phantom Titan owner on a battlefield any time soon but Irillyth may be a different matter.


Terrible T said...

Experiemental rules say a Phantom Titan can fire one primary weapon and move 2D6 in the shooting phase. With that blade, the titan will only have one primary anyway! Run away! Run away! I hope your Blood Drinkers never meet this! What a titan!

Oh and the Phoenix guy is cool too.

Grobrezu said...

Well mate, first we shall go to the battle, mine was a all round force designed with the foot troop in mind with a little support to deal with the odd tank. What did I face a full on mec army. Just could not get though that armour and for those poor souls that did - toast
Any way well done for winning it in the last turn.
Now to the new Eldar stuff, as you know I had some of the new guys from when they first came out and had used then in a few battle. I was never that keen on them. I would take them on small games where their group short fire power can be put to good use but on a large board they will just get obliterated.
Yes they can do lots of dance stuff but they are also week and cost slot in points.
I was also a bit sadden by the look of PL as he looks just like the rest of them, at least with the others they have a slight different look to them.
Now the eldar Titan. I love it. I love it a lot and thought that £45 for the power blade was great value, shame that rest of the Titan cost £350 other wise I might get one to mate my old armour cast Titan. ( shame you can't breed them)

IP 11 will be a turning point for the Eldar, with a new craft world showing up and the introduction of so many new HQ units and farseer spells and pets for the farseers. There will also be new troops which have been released by FW already and the great wralthlord farseer. Once again please see FW for rules and model.
All of this is a lead up to 40k v6 which will come out next year along with a new Eldar codex, it should be the turn of the eldar race and the return of the harlequins.

Bix said...

@Terrible T, run away indeed. The Blood Drinkers know only too well what happens when an Astartes squares up to a Titan, back in the day, a certain Lieutenant Kroff Tezla ended up 'half' the Marine he used to be after one such encounter.

@Grobrezu, yeah I was lucky to wrong foot you with what I was taking & the dice finally decided to start rolling in my favor during the last turn. The Baal Preds certainly proved their worth. I see your point with the Phoenix Lord very similar, I'm looking forward to IA 11 as well, despite the fact the Eldar are going to get all manner of lethal shiny, the FW books are just awesome.

Warped T said...

@Bix, plenty of Land Raiders and some Thunderhawk Gunships with turbo lasers. Not saying they will win against a titan, but they might help.

@Grobrezu, I hope the new Codex Eldar brings you lots of cool goodies. Until then, enjoy IA11.

By the way, due to the corrupting influence of Chaos Legions rumours, Terrible T is now 'Warped T'

Poetry of the Day said...

that looks really neat

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