Thursday, 29 September 2011

UK Games Day 2011 : Pt II Selection of Golden Demon Entries

As it says on the tin, a picture is worth a Thousand Sons...sorry, words; here is a selection of 40k entries from the Golden Demon cabinets at last Sundays UK Games Day 2011. The bar was once again high although I thought the volume of quality pieces was much reduced from previous years, not sure why that may be as I don't enter; any thoughts?

Judge the Dredds

Pesties sole entry this year.

Like a Kan of Spam, a blast from the past.

Riders on a Storm

Going Solo

Some mood lighting my dear?

Good or Bad Company

Those shadows on the wall aren't from my flash, they're painted! Awesome!

This was an awfully big Marine

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all entrants for sharing with us some truly inspiring pieces, if you see your work featured and would like a credit; drop me a line here at the Edge.


Colonel Shofer said...

Great pics TY


Bix said...

Thanks CS you are most welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Just came across this website randomly, some of these models are flat-out amazing. Great Job to whoever entered.

Bix said...

They are indeed, over the years some painters/modellers have elevated this aspect of the hobby to a true art form. (& I'm not jealous of their skills...much!) ;o)

Glad you enjoyed the pics. Thanks for your comments and for dropping by the Veil's Edge.

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