Saturday, 7 May 2011

Postcards from the Edge

April turned out to be a mixed bag both personally and blogwise, which was reflected in both quality and quantity of posts. The good spell of weather played it's welcome part in keeping me from the cogitator, as did my not so welcome return to work, where I was tasked with a rather odious assignment (due to my lame duck status) that took a whole lot out of me, leaving me feeling rather creatively bereft.

Still most of the projects for the month got a tick in the box and despite hits being slightly down on March's epic showing, there were still some new followers dropping out of warp along the Veil's Edge; greetings one and all.

This month may be a tad uneven also, so I apologise in advance, I'll be doing two weeks of intensive work up that'll hopefully see me getting signed off as combat effective, but will mean that hobby time will be sharply curtailed.

That said, I have embarked upon my next painting project, my Death Company (or Evocati as they are known in my Blood Drinker fluff); I've started a test model and once he's done picts for consideration will follow. I'm also itching to do some scenery for my gaming board, so with luck I'll get some time to have a scratch.

I've not yet got hold of a Griffon for my 8th Co Captain but my first order from Kromlech has arrived in the shape of three Jetbikes (which also proved popular in the vote) for a planned full squad of eight for the 8th. The kits look very good and I intend to post up a review as soon as I get round to assembling them.

Finally, if I can coax my muse out from whatever club she has been table dancing in, I should hopefully have another installment of the 'Drinkers Fandex and maybe even another Dark Tale.

Get me a Holy Bartender...that is all.


Marcin Ciszewicz said...

Well, good thing it was weather that kept you from writing, and not other things. In my case, learning that my place was almost, to quote TvTropes, Made of Explodium, surely put a damper on my hobby time. Although it seems we do share work-related problems - it's hard to be creative, when your job squeezes your juices out like, well, a juicer.

Bix said...

Apologies for the rather delayed response Marcin, as you can see I've been a bit AWOL of late.

Explodium! Sounds nasty, what on earth was your heating system powered by? Dilithium Crystals? ; )

As for work, yes you're right, sometimes it can leave you feeling like you just got dumped in a Trash Compacter on the detention level.

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