Sunday, 1 May 2011

In the Company of Wolves : A New Army for One of the Gents

It's my Birthday today, we'll not discuss years, lets just say I'm another year closer to immortality! So whilst I'm away eating copious amounts of jelly and cake; I thought I'd post up a copy of an amusing passage from one of my gaming group.  Bish is an Ultramarine player, but having suffered quite a mauling during our last, slightly curtailed, campaign; it would appear he will be changing his spots and will be doing a lot of 'wet leopard growling' (whatever the hell that is) from now on.

Growl away Bish...

The transport carrying Commander Bisheh to his new assignment docked with the titanic bulk of the Battlecruiser amid a screech of alarms and a hive of activity.The Honour Guard stood to attention and Bisheh stomped aboard ignoring them and marched toward the huge Astartes Warrior standing in full Baby Blue power armour in-front of him.

"Sir", the Astartes growled, "This is most irregular".

"Do you think this pleases me?" Bisheh angrily responded. "After the Apothecaries recovered my shattered body from the debacle on Lalinta Prime, which was no fault of mine I might add, they stripped the armour from my frame to heal me and found out just how hairy I was. They figured there was obviously a mix-up at the Astartes creche when I was young and that I was infact a Space Wolf, so they sent me to me command you."

They turned and strode towards to the command level, "I'll need the direct command of your 13th Company, as it's my favourite number".

 "The 13th?" the Astartes replied, "That could be problematic".

"How so?" Bisheh replied.

 "They're ummm lost, Sir".

"Lost? How could you lose a whole company? They're bloody great big armoured Warriors!" exclaimed Bisheh.

"They're somewhere in the Warp, sir" replied the Astartes grimly.

 Bisheh sighed, "Let's go find them then".

"Ah, ummm, they been lost about 10,000 years".

"Oh" replied a glum Commander Bisheh, "Well, there's reports of greenskins in the Northern Sector commanded by a Lord of Pestilence, let's go check it out shall we....."

Picture featured 'Space Wolf' by Adrian Smith, copyright Games Workshop Limited 2000-2011


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