Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Postcards from the Edge

Time to check in with those of you still monitoring this channel for signs of life, letting you know that the Emperor's light still burns in my little corner of the Blogosphere albeit on minimal power setting.

My Hobby time has been on restricted duty since the birth of our daughter; compound that life changing event with a shift pattern that was custom designed to hinder the 40k hobbyist and a long term case of 'Slow Painter's Syndrome'. It all makes for poor reading I'm sorry to say.

Like many in our community (most will have read and some written similar posts) I'm still wrestling with the logistics of actually sitting back down at the painting table and getting a game in seems an insurmountable challenge at present; but I am determined to keep a firm grip on our beloved Hobby this time and not let it fall by the wayside as I did back in the middling years of Third Edition (a career enforced lapse that in the light of my current commitments appears quite trivial).

A couple of casualties early on in this battle were the Forgeworld Open Day, on account of being a latecomer to the news of it becoming a ticketed event; a bit frustrating (though I can appreciate why they made the change) as I did have the time to go and my regular attendance was something of a popular feature here on the blog. A weekend away to the Heresy Weekender was planned as both consolation & part of my 40th Birthday present, but sadly work played it's 'exigencies of duty' wargear card & I was again forced to watch from the sidelines.

To that end I have been lurking about the Blogosphere keeping up with current events as best I can whilst juggling baby and iPad, living the Hobby vicariously through the work of others.

Hobby Podcasting has been a boon to me as I battle the daily, rather less fun chores of parenting and I'm currently making great progress listening to the entire back catalogue of the excellent shows from The Independent Characters.

I've also been making the odd purchase or three despite tightening purse strings (I think it's a comfort thing), adding to the resin mountain on my work pending shelves.

To top it all, I received some welcome encouragement to get my creative writing head back on when I was contacted by a fellow blogger & hobbyist named Dan from afterimagedan.blogspot.co.uk asking to use some of my Draco Sector work in a global Battlefleet Gothic campaign he was planning.

I was more than happy to oblige, although I think his campaign will be well advanced before I can return to this rather neglected aspect of my Hobby time; check out his blog is you are BFG inclined.

So that's where yours truly stands at present, a proud father and a hopeful Hobbyist, if not a very productive one. I'll be attempting to drip feed some actual content back into the blog as soon as another break in the parenting schedule presents itself. Probably a Books in Brief review, as I have managed to get a couple more Heresy novels read, both Fear to Tread and Shadows of Treachery.

Until then, as always, I appreciate all of you dropping by; thanks, that is all.


Francis Lee said...

Good to hear you're still kicking Bix, real life gets in the way for all of us mate!

Siph_Horridus said...

I suffer too, but don't have children to make a valid excuse. But, if you even basecoat one leg of a mini in a whole night, it's all progress.

Set yourself flexible easy reach goals and don't stress. Enjoy your slower pace hobby.

Bix said...

@Fran, cheers mate, just about, though I think a Zombie would look more spritely at the mo.

@Siph, you're right & I appreciate the wise council. Picture of said base coated leg pending ;).

Thanks for the comments chaps, it's good to know that even though the blog output has been reduced to a whisper, I can still touch base with the community; it's all the motivation I need. :)

Admiral Drax said...

Solidarity, Mate.

Found myself yesterday asking a friend for a 'gentle intro' game of 6th Ed, simply because I've not played a blessed thing since September!

Bix said...

@Drax, lol thanks mate, I hear that.

I will definitely need to get the 6th Ed 'stabilisers' out for the next time I play.

Matthew Beavis said...

I always break up my hobby into small steps. Eg long term goal collect a necron army, short term project make some news bases. A couple of hours over the weekend and I'm really happy with the results! Good luck with your hobby goals :)

Bix said...

@Matthew, thanks mate; apologies for the belated reply & welcome to The Edge. You're right, small steps are what is required, breaking projects into sizable bites.

Today I've refreshed my wet palette (nurglings were beginning to form in there!) so I'll chalk that one up as a small victory point to Hobby progress. ;)

Admiral Drax said...

...Finally got a game booked for 28th of this month. That's a 13 month gap (less the awesome but sadly isolated game of Apocalypse I played in August).

Bix said...

Apologies Drax for having just got round to replying to your post. Hope the game went well, I'll keep an eye on your blog for the report.

I think I'm looking at much the same period for an enforced break, other than books & podcasts, though there are plans afoot for a possible Game the end of this month to celebrate a good friend & member of my Gaming Groups impending wedding.

Here's to hope. :)

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