Friday, 7 December 2012

Cover Art : The Death of Integrity

As mentioned in last months post 'Written in Blood', the author Guy Haley has penned a Black Library novel (now confirmed as part of the Space Marine Battles series) featuring the Blood Drinkers and Nova Marines Chapters as they fight to cleanse a Genestealer infested Space Hulk 'The Death of Integrity'.

Guy has today posted up the cover for the forthcoming book (due out September 2013, where's that DeLorean when you need it?) on his Blog Haley's Comment and he kindly gave permission for me to repost it here on The Veil's Edge.

Now that's a sword! Could it be the 'Scyphus Vitae'? Makes me want to shout 'Let me show you my Stealer spine!' (Ninjabread fans will know of what I speak).

The art is by the brilliant Jon Sullivan, it's suitably 'Grim Dark' and brutal; but you may note that the Terminator wielding afore mentioned fancy Choppa, isn't wearing red armour. Guy has confirmed that this is Chapter Master Caedis of the Blood Drinkers and there is a not so straightforward reason for him being painted black (cue music).

What could the Lord of San Guisuga's deviation from the hallowed Codex mean?

Whilst I ponder that question for the next (groan) eight months, Guy has been very helpful in sharing with me his ideas in relation to some specific markings on the face of the Sanguinary High Priest, described in his short story 'The Rite of Holos' see Hammer and Bolter issue 24.

I'll hopefully be working on including these both into the Fandex (along with any other changes his work inspires) and getting them painted up on my miniatures in the not too distant future.


The Angry Lurker said...

Looks and sounds good to me Bix!

Anonymous said...

I'll take this opportunity to say I've read you're Fandex and it was good.

Hope the BL book doesn't create too many new tweaks. Though I might buy it for some Space Hulk nostalgia.

Bix said...

@Angry, it does indeed mate, very much looking forward to it...Go 'Drinkers!

@Mr Grumpy, many thanks for taking the time to read the dex, really appreciated.

As for new tweaks, I'll have to wait and see but luckily the Death of Integrity mission took place in M39 so that gives me a fair bit of breathing space for my take on the Chapter in M41.

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