Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas Cards from the Edge

Well due to the vagaries of the Warp (read, Bix forgot to hit the scheduling button in his hurry to wrap presents and get the tree up in time), my festive post seems to have arrived a little after the event; but as the clock hasn't struck midnight on this year just yet (least not here in land land of Zulu Time) the festive season is still in play.

So with a quick edit I hope you all had a grand Candlemass and that the jolly fat bloke with a penchant for 'Go Faster Red' brought you a hefty haul of all you wished for. I'm currently sitting pretty with the Imperial Infantryman's Handbook (an updated and combined book of the Munitorum Manual and the Uplifting Primer), Dan Abnett's 'Pariah' and a fist full of GW vouchers which I'm sure I can burn through in next to no time.

Looking back on the year it has been both momentous and disappointing, we celebrated 25 years of 40k and some of us realised just how old that meant we were!

The arrival of 6th edition brought about the usual upheaval and schisms in the Hobby, but was a change for the better in my books, despite the Blood Angel codex losing some of it's edge.

White Dwarf got a very long overdue makeover, which again for the most part, seems to have been a very positive move.

Then Forge World turned it up to eleven with The Horus Heresy; the floodgates of 30k goodness opened and our wallets quickly ran dry.

To top it all, my beloved Blood Drinkers got some official Black Library page time all of their own.

The only disappointment I mention is that I haven't had the time to make the most of this bumper filled year; I know it's probably the most repeated grumble of any Hobby Blog , I'll not dwell on it and I won't make promises that the next year will see any steadier a posting schedule, as my beautiful Wife is currently doing a amazing job forging our first child.

With her precious little cargo due to arrive in just over a month I'll be doing a lot of assembly and painting of another kind as I work frantically to prepare the nursery.

But fear not, the Forge still stands and time will be found for the Hobby, as a wise Admiral once advised me "Never pass up a chance to play because you're 'too busy'." Sage words that can and will be applied to both Hobby and Child.

So I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prospero...sorry Prosperous New Year, as always doubly so those who, through duty or circumstance can't be with your loved ones; be safe and may you get home soon.

Thanks for reading, that is all.


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