Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Blown Away : Vehicle Destroyed Craters

Been meaning to get this review up for a while now (sorry for the delay Magnus) but as usual my attention decided to go out for a drink with my imagination and caught the wrong bus home; yes I've been tinkering with the 'Drinkers fandex again.

At the beginning of the month I took delivery of an order of markers that represent craters following a Vehicle Explodes result on the damage table.

Created by a little third party operation based across the pond called Twisted Iron Industries, it's run by a fellow Hobbyist who goes by the name of Magnus and I believe it's a one man show; but Magnus is ably assisted by his wife who runs the motivation and tasking department and I received my order in less than two weeks following casting and dispatch.

The craters are cast in resin and as you can see they are scattered with wreckage that easily identifies the vehicle whose violent demise they represent.

Magnus has designed the craters to mirror the size of the original vehicle and has taken the time to keep the debris fairly even, allowing the placement of miniatures inside the crater.

Vehicles used were to hand at the time and are not indicative
of the writers level of skill or current army build progress...much!

The casts are sturdy and professionally turned out, consistent in quality with next to no flash; there are some air bubble marks but in my opinion they are of very little consequence and can either be lost in the churned earth effect of the crater or worked into the damage of the vehicle wreckage.

Yes you could probably make these craters fairly easily yourself with access to a large amount of vehicle bitz or a casting set up; but for the time strapped hobbyist (like me) it's great to have this alternative and they really do bring added realism to the table top battlefield.

At the moment Magnus has three craters in his range, the Destroyed Heavy Transport Crater (perfect for Land Raiders), the Destroyed Vehicle Crater (perfect for all vehicles based on a Rhino chassis) and the Destroyed Walker Crater (perfect for...well you figure it out).

I found his prices very reasonable, at current exchange rates I think the Heavy Transport Crater was just under a £10, the Vehicle Crater around £6.50 and the Walker Crater around £5. You can access his Ebay store here.

Contact him direct via the email on his blog for combined shipping costs etc...He's very helpful, kept me informed throughout the orders process, packaged the items securely and provided tracking details.

Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase and once painted up these beauties should take a little of the sting out of those moments when your opponent rolls a six on the damage table and runs around making 'Kaboom' noises.


The Angry Lurker said...

They look damn good to me, nice review.....

Bix said...

Thanks Angry, now I've just got to find the time to paint them.

markeh said...

And use them! :p

Bix said...

Point conceded Bish ;)

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