Sunday, 31 July 2011

Postcards from the Edge

As the sun sets on another month I realise that I didn't send a Postcard back in June; but taking Ron's sage like advice I'll not waste words on an apology (see his wise FTW post here) and instead crack straight on with some dispatches from the far reaches of the Imperium. There's two months worth of backlog filling up the Scriptorium and my Lexicographers are getting testy.

Last time I saw them this riled up was something to do with a cockroach, a misprinted file and the arrest, interrogation and execution of one Archibald Buttle; turns out he wasn't the heating engineer the Inquisition were looking for. *Shrugs*

Projects wise, the Griffon is still on hold although I've now got the back pack (cheers Tomo) and the rider has been fully pinned; I've ordered a Power Cables pack from Dragon Forge Design which I'm hoping to use on the mount to give it a more 40k look. As most of the rider can be seperated from the mount I may get started painting him.

Wating on the painting shelf is another Regular Assault Squad I've assembled from a combination of the last of my old metal figures and some plastic sprues from my bitz box, completed with some selected purchases from Bits and Kits. This UK based company (other Bits suppliers are available ;o) ) has proved invaluable over the last few months, in getting just the right bits for my up coming projects, they are reasonably priced and swift to deliver, they also seem to be well stocked most of the time; although sadly Melta Guns and Infernus Pistols are still like Rocking Horse Poo!

I've also been encouraged by the success of my Techmarine Restoration and have a few other old pieces lined up on the blocks.

On the writing front, the Blood Drinkers Fandex is moving apace, I've got a timeline section of notable campaigns and events almost complete and ready for inclusion; from there I'll probably move onto Characters and special units.

I'm a little disappointed that the latest copy of White Dwarf hasn't made it out here yet, despite my subscription; Natfka's rumours posts relating to the Sisters Codex really peaked my interest and I was toying with the idea of second army to dabble with as a break from the boys in red. Yeah I know, like I really need more outstanding projects cluttering up the Forge!

Speaking of breaks, I fired up the Xbox the other day for the first time in about six months and downloaded the trial of Kill Team; all I can say is I hope that Space Marine is aiming a little higher, I was a tad underwhelmed. I'll look to post a proper review next month if I can be motivated to give it a second look.

Well that's several objectives posted and I think a new personal best for amount of links in one post; I'll sign off by saying a big congratulations to The Heroes of Armageddon Project , they raised over $31,000 for Doctors Without Borders and another well done to my Good Lady who put herself through something akin to Astarte selection with the Spartan Race and raised a none too shabby £400 for Help for Heroes.

Thank you to all those who donated to these worthy causes...that is all.


The Angry Lurker said...

Good and nice to hear especially the good lady.

Bix said...

Cheers mate, yeah she was very pleased with the whole result. Made me very proud, although if she keeps this up she's going to be scary strong like Vasquez! A worrisome thought for those nights where I might stay out a little too late on the lash lol.

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