Friday, 15 July 2011

In the Company of Wolves : Thunderwolf Alternatives

Since transferring to the Space Wolves, Bish's fortunes as a commander have taken on a decidedly upward momentum, with a string of victories against several of the Gents. The Wolves of Fenris have bitten sizeable chunks out Pestie's Orks and then cocked a leg at their remains after a rematch. Stomped rather mercilessly over our newest member Danny's freshly founded Imperial Guard and but for a misinterpreted rule, come close to turning Will's Eldar into Pedigree Chum.

Looking to bolster his forces with some Thunderwolf Cavalry and with GW shockingly still not producing figures for a unit they published rules for three years ago! He turned to me for some advice about what alternatives were out there and as he's yet to reignite the age old war between the Lycans and Vampires by battling my Blood Drinkers, I was only too happy to oblige.

Here's what I consider the best of my findings after a half hour or so searching the net; there is probably nothing fresh here for those that have been researching this for a while, I'm new to the party where Wolves are concerned. But for Bish and others considering joining the Kennel Club, the links may be of some use.

Can I just point out that I have had no dealings with any of the companies listed here so I can't vouch for how good their product or service is, I'd be happy to hear from those that have knowledge of these or any others I've missed.

These ones from Mythicast look pretty good (my favourites) and come with Marine legs already molded so no messing with leg conversions and ending up with comedy rider poses. Note the second one down has been decked out to be an Iron Priest mount, even down to the Machina Opus insignia (the suits at GW will not be pleased). I really like the proportions on these sculpts and the balanced use of cybernetics.

There's a good review of these over on Meandering the Dune Sea.

Another option that again look good and have legs + saddle, from Paulson Games, the sculpts look detailed, if a little smaller and more plain than I'd have envisioned for Fenrisian Wolves.

And finally from Mr Dandy my least favourite of the three (a bit cartoon like for my tastes) but still a passable option with good dynamic poses.

Obviously, independent resin alternatives come at a price...

so there's always the option to convert, but I hope this post may have been some use to both camps either looking for suppliers or inspiration.


markeh said...

Awww, cheers Bix! :)

Bix said...

You're most welcome mate, just remember the favour when you're about to JoW my arse! :)

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