Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Shadow in the Warp : Silence from The Veil's Edge

Just a quick post to reassure any and all who are interested that I'm still out here and haven't gone the way of Maelstrom Games (Ouch! Too soon? Sorry).

The cursed Daemons of Workload have been casting their damnable binding rituals again and the other week my Astropathic Choir suffered a very messy Fatal Exception Error which shut off all communications with the rest of the Verse (my modem decided to die).

However, I've now received a new shipment of Astropaths from Holy Terra and with some much needed leave on the horizon, I should hopefully be back to Hobby activity presently and the accompanying waffle I send out into the void should soon follow.

You can't stop the signal...

Picture featured 'Astropath Silinus' by Rod Pereira


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